Greyhound Dogs in Dalhousie

Dalhousie faces Miguasha, Quebec on the Gaspé Peninsula to the north. The city of Campbellton lies 20 km upriver to the west and the city of Bathurst is approximately 80 km southeast along the shore of Chaleur Bay. There are no major centres south of Dalhousie as this is the undeveloped and heavily forested geographic centre of the province. This makes it a nice location to own a Dog.

Have you ever considered the Greyhound dog breed, as as your Martime Pet? It originates from Ancient Egypt, and could be the perfect addition to your family. To learn more about this breed consider, asking questions below via the comment box, search for this type of dog in our Dalhousie pet listings, or become involved in our Dalhousie pet forums. We offer a few options to get resources regarding Greyhound dogs in DalhousieNew Brunswick.

Greyhound dogs

At maximum acceleration, a greyhound reaches a full speed of 70 kilometres per hour (43 mph) within 30 metres or six strides from the boxes, traveling at almost 20 metres per second for the first 250 metres of a race. The only other animal that can accelerate faster over a short distance is the cheetah

Our team here at Maritime Pets has ranked the dog breed Greyhound, a 3 out of 5. You can expect to find this dog breed in the price range of $700.00. We here at Maritime Pets, understand that this may be your favorite type of dog. Our dog ranking simply considers various aspects of the breed including, price, temperament, and availability. We agree that there are merits to every breed; However, not all will make the perfect pet for you and your family.

Conclusion on Greyhound

If you are interested in Greyhound dogs, and live in Dalhousie, there are options. At a price of $700.00,  and rating of 3, this may be the ideal addition to your family. You can find more dog breeds in our dog category page. You can also find more resources and meet with other like minded people via our Local Pet Forums.



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